Automatic 1.2 Gal. Pet Food Feeder Dispenser Programs to 4 Meals



UP TO 4 MEALS SETTING—The automatic pet feeder is designed with programmable timer, with which you can set up to 4 meals for your lovely pets, 10-360 g dry food(like dog food, cat food) allowed each meal, the food container is of 1.2 gallon capacity, holding 1.5-1.8 Kg dry food(whose max size less than 16mm), suitable for small and medium size pet
ANTI-BLOCKING FUNCTION—Unlike other automatic pet feeder, our pet food dispenser is of anti-blocking function, avoiding pet food getting stuck inside the feeder, and your darling pet may suffer from hunger. But you need to clean the infrared LED holder(marked in instruction) and food dispensing slide regularly, in case dust/oil contamination block the food outlet
RELIABLE POWER SUPPLYING—The automatic pet feeder is equipped with 2 power supply ways. It prefers DC 5V/1A power supply, but when it is powered off accidently, it will switch into battery supply automatically. With 3 D batteries, it will work for a month, so that you can go out for a trip or holiday, while your pet would still get fed regularly, convenient and cool
VOICE RECORDING FOR YOUR PET—You can set up to 10 seconds voice recording for your pets, which will play automatically when feeding time to remind them to eat on one side, on the other side, this recording can help them adapt to the auto pet feeder soon, thus establish regular routine
STURDY AND PRACTICAL— With premium material, the automatic pet feeder weights 7.9 pounds, heavier than similar products, so that it is harder for your pet to push it down, especially when filled with dry food, reducing risk that the feeder may stop working and your pet may suffer from hunger. Take it home, your pet will love it

Product description
It takes 3 years for we TRIPLE TREE to study this simple and effective automatic pet feeder. We would to show you the result now. We strongly advise you to choose us for the following points:
Food Stuck Prevention
That’s our core advantage, we improved its anti-blocking program and intelligent sensor several times, and tested this function in various conditions thousands of times to guarantee it will not get stuck. Please use dry food whose max size less than 0.6 inch.
7.9 Pound Machine
Adopting premium material for each part, eapecially it’s base, the automatic pet feeder weighs 7.9 pound in total, heavier than similiar product, avoiding the situation that your pets may push it down, open the top lid to get more food.
Set Up To 4 Meals Per Day
You can set up to 4 meals per day for your pets, it will dispense food at the same time in the future. o.35-12.7 oz dry food allowed each meal, holding 53-63 oz dry food in total, so that you can leave home 2-4 days.
2 Power Modes
The automatic pet feeder supports both DC 5V 1A power supply, and 3 D-size batteries in series that can work for at least 1 month. We suggest the latter for your pet may eat the power cord. We also suggest to prepare backup batteries, if the power cut off, it will turn to battery supply
10-Second Voice Recording
The automatic pet feeder allows you to make recording whose max duration is 10 second. The voice you recorded before will play automatically when feeding time to remind your pet eating. Fun to operate!
Features:*NOTE: Updates to design may vary.
Specifications Input voltage: DC5.OV
Input current: 1.0 A
Input mode: DC input or three 1.5V battery
Control mode: Touch operation
Display color: Green
Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display
Working power: 5W
Feeding capacity: 4.5 L
Product Size: Host: L250*190*380 (mm)
Feeding Box: L250*W207*H66 (mm)

Product details
Shipping Weight: 7.9 pounds

Additional information

Weight 7.9 lbs
Dimensions 9.8 × 8.2 × 15 in