Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag (Version 2.0) Lost Pet Alerts No Monthly Fees



Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag (New Version 2.0) – Dog Tag, Lost Pet Alerts, Medical Profile, Outdoor Virtual Pet Leash, Walk Tracker, Pet Points of Interest, No Monthly Fees

  • SOCIAL FEED: Build your pet’s safety network with Pawscout’s social tools. Share photos, arrange walks and playdates, and alert neighbors to pet hazards or pet-friendly places. Invite friends and family to expand your “petwork.”
  • WALK DIARY AND OUTDOOR VIRTUAL LEASH: The Pawscout Tag’s Bluetooth beacon is designed to work over short distances. It is NOT going to give you an exact location for your pet! Instead, the Tag sends out a beacon that extends 300 feet in all directions, and tells you whether your pet is within this “cone of safety.” As such, it’s ideal for tracking walks and keeping tabs on your pet when you’re in the yard or out on an adventure.
  • LOST PET ALERTS AND DIGITAL LOST PET FLYER: Mark your pet as lost in the Pawscout App, and Pawscouters within five miles will be prompted to join the search. Receive notifications and location data when your pet comes within 300 feet of anyone with the Pawscout App. No monthly or activation fees.
  • DIGITAL PROFILE AND MEDICAL RECORDS: Create a full digital profile of your pet in the Pawscout App that includes photos, your contact info, vaccinations, and behavioral or medical issues.
  • WHAT WE ARE NOT: Pawscout is not intended to give exact location information. Your Pawscout Tag only knows whether or not a pet wearing the Tag is within 300 feet of you or someone else with the App installed. This capability allows us to tell whether your pet has wandered away from you, and can help anyone locate a missing pet by alerting them that the pet is within range. Location services must be enabled for Pawscout to work properly.
  • Specs

    • IPX7 Waterproof Rated
    • Size of a Silver Dollar
    • Weight of a Quarter
    • 6-Month Battery Life
    • Outdoor Use
    • Not GPS – no exact location data
    • Beacon extends 300ft from Tag
    • Dedicated Mobile App

    Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs