🇺🇸 Happy Presidents Day 🇺🇸

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Presidents Day

         Happy PRESIDENTS DAY

   Presidents Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday in February. This year it is on the 15th.  All the presidents in American history are remembered and honored for their contributions toward making America the great country that it has become.

But why is it celebrated on this day? Who determined that this should be the day?
Well, originally after George Washington died in 1799, he was unofficially honored on his birthday, February 22nd each year on a day known as Washington’s Day.
In 1831 his burial site was disturbed so a resolution permitted the removal and internment of George Washington’s body in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in 1836 and the erection of the Washington Monument in 1848 which caused even more celebrations in his honor nationwide.
   In 1870 it was proposed that his birthday should become a National  Federal holiday but it wasn’t signed into law until 1879. Also in 1870 the legislatures had created 4 banking holidays. In the late 1960s’ because  of Abraham Lincoln’s legacy and his birthday being February 12th, an Illinois lawmaker developed a plan that moved key bank holidays to Mondays to increase the number of three-day weekends for workers in what’s known as the Uniform Monday’s Act. The hope was that it would increase productivity and decrease employee absenteeism. The labor unions agreed to this idea and so did the general public.

In 1971, Richard M. Nixon made the executive order to pass the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which shifted Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans’ Day to Monday. With the date landing in the middle of Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday. It became known as Presidents Day By the mid-1980s, Presidents’ Day became the common term and continues to this day.

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