Is Your Home Protected?

The Rankings for the Best guard dogs, (and the worst) are derived from many sources. From American Kennel Club and Good House Keeping to Cesar Millan and Breeders. The following are a compilation of the most recognized by all sources to achieve the top rankings.      BEST WATCHDOG BREEDS TO GUARD YOUR HOME It […]

National Animal Poison Prevention Week

  This year National Animal Poison Prevention Week will be celebrated between March 20th & March 26th. This week was created to help raise awareness of ways that animals can be poisoned, signs of animal poisoning and what we should do in the event that it happens to an animal we are around. The whole […]

National #MakeADifferenceDay

#MakeADifferenceDayNATIONAL MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY National Make A Difference Day gives everyone in the community a chance to bring their form of service to a whole new level each year. All sorts of Organizations join forces on the fourth Saturday in October to make a difference, in any way that they can. Millions of people […]

DO DOGS CRY? This Is A Popular Question Among Dog Owners

Do Dogs Cry?

                                                      DO DOGS CRY?      CLICK HERE Dogs don’t cry due to emotion like humans do. They have tear ducts that excrete tears, but their tears flow back […]


FALL HAT MONTH – September Even though the month is just about over, Today Is The First Day Off Fall So We Are Now Ready To Officially Celebrate Fall Hat Month. Fall is here, and it’s getting colder, so it’s time to break out the headgear. It’s Fall Hat Month! During Fall Hat Month, switch […]