Is Your Home Protected?

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The Rankings for the Best guard dogs, (and the worst) are derived from many sources. From American Kennel Club and Good House Keeping to Cesar Millan and Breeders. The following are a compilation of the most recognized by all sources to achieve the top rankings.


It should come as no surprise to anyone as to what is considered the top guard dog for protecting you and your family from predators. The German Shephard has always been portrayed as the guard dog of choice for the police & military. But many are unaware that not only are they brave, alert, fast and strong, but they are also very affectionate, making them perfect family dogs as well.

Surprising to many is that the number two guard dog is the Staffordshire Terrier, (AKA: The Pit Bull) Not because they aren’t territorial, because they can be and they have stubborn determination to never let go once they have latched onto an intruders extremities. This determination to fight to the death is why they are the breed of choice for dog fighters. But what most people don’t know is that they are also one of the most incredibly loving and loyal of all breeds. They want to be close to their owners and constantly seeking their approval.

Third in line and highly regarded as a family protector in their home country of Japan, is the Akita. They are very playful and love interaction with their human family. But they have an extreme distrust of strangers and are vigilant in their watch over those they love. You can rest assured no unwanted visitors will be allowed to enter the family space without dire repercussions.

To round off this list of guard dogs and let you see if your canine friend falls in this category, they are…

(4) Australian & Anatolian Shepherds

(5) Rottweiler

(6) Bullmastiff

(7) Doberman Pinscher

(8) Rhodesian Ridgeback

(9) Boxer

(10) Beauceron


       We also  have the list of the worst guard dogs  as well

The first in line as the worst guard dog is the Bassett Hound. Along with the reputation of being one of the most social dogs to have, the Bassett Hound is also so friendly that it is considered a terrible guard dog. They are equally as friendly to strangers and intruders as anyone else they encounter.

The second worst guard dog is quit the hunter. The Blood Hound can sniff out prey and track the best of game but they have no nose for sniffing out intruders. Their talents appear to be limited to any animal that is non-human.

Surprisingly, number three are the Golden and Labrador Retrievers. The Retriever is a people pleaser and considered part of the family in most American households. So much so that the happy go lucky people side of them are their main trait. Getting aggressive and anti-social towards strangers just isn’t in his passive, ever friendly nature.

The rest of the pack rounding out the worst guard dogs include…

(4) Old English Sheepdog

(5) Pug

(6) Irish Setter

(7) Saint Bernard

(8) Havanese

(9) English Bulldog

(10) Siberian Husky