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FALL HAT MONTH – September

Even though the month is just about over, Today Is The First Day Off Fall So We Are Now Ready To Officially Celebrate Fall Hat Month.

Fall is here, and it’s getting colder, so it’s time to break out the headgear. It’s Fall Hat Month! During Fall Hat Month, switch out of the cool-weather head protection and into stylish felt and fabric styles. There will be plenty of time for the heavier fashions later in the year.

Hats were probably one of the first items of clothing found among primitive humankind. In ancient times, hats were considered a symbol of rank and status. Sculptures of Egypt, drawings of ancient China, and coins of early Greece and Rome depicted prominent individuals wearing hats, which was more than likely an indication of where they were on the hierarchy. By the seventeenth century, hats had become a worldly attire. Weird fact: Wearing a straw hat after September 15 in 1920 America would get you mugged.

U.S. President William Henry Harrison presumably died shortly after his inaugural address because he refused to wear a cap on that cold day. A month later he was dead of pneumonia. Though it’s inaccurate hats prevent you from losing most of your body heat through your head, they are still a good idea to wear in cold or stormy weather. It never hurts to have an extra layer of protection during the winter months! The amount of heat you can lose through your head depends on a number of factors, including how thick your hair is and how much energy you use in the cold. The ratio of the surface area of a child’s head relative to the child’s body surface area is much greater than that of an adult. Children lose proportionally more heat through their heads. Hoods and hats are more important to children because of this. Persons who consider their pets as their children may pay particular attention to this fact.

When choosing fall and winter head coverings, it’s a good idea to remember hats, like every other fashion accessory, depict the season. It might be a little odd to purchase a lighter, pastel hat for the winter months. Keep in mind there are plenty of options to choose from. Gentleman or lady, whatever your head size and personal tastes, there’s a hat somewhere that is just for you. Finding that special hat might require some help from friends. And since many will be shopping for Halloween Costumes soon as well, it could well go hand in hand.    Keep in mind that Felt and Fabrics are typically the norm for fall if you are a stickler for the rules. If NOT, Whatever!